Nancy's (France) best kept secret - CANDIDATE -
an underground electro-pop-rock duo (consisting of
Cécile and Bidou) is re-emerging from the past. Their
expressionist live sets and tours of France, Belgium,
Switzerland and Germany have earned them recognition
and a reputable following at home and abroad.

Cécile's sexy, sultry voice paired with Bidou's acidic
and driving guitar riffs, supported by the ever present,
third permanent member of the band, a TR 707 drum
computer, is radiating the minimalist spirit and electric
sounds of the late 80s.

On "Vote don't vote", their 5th release, Candidate finally
present 16 formerly unpublished songs, capturing the
essence of their late studio recordings (from 1987-1990),
before embarking on more experimental paths and focussing
on theatrical and soundtrack oriented score music.

Restored and remastered from the original tapes by
Robin Pleil (Artridge)
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